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Saw Blade

Cut into battle with the high-performance disk blasting Saw Blade! This heli’s impressive 5-disk payload allows you to fire farther, faster, and with more precision than ever before.

Blast up to 30 feet in single or rapid-fire bursts. With the power and precision of the Saw Blade, the disks change everything.

Fly solo or take on an opponent in head-to-head aerial combat. Perform incredible ricochet shots as you maneuver the powerful and steady flying heli for the ultimate R/C adrenaline rush!

The innovative remote control has a built in cord management system and additional disk storage. Take to the skies in the Saw Blade – the disks change everything!

The Saw Blade

The Air Hogs Saw Blade is the ultimate disk-launching helicopter! With a payload of foam disks, the Saw Blade is capable of shooting single or rapid-fire bursts with speed and accuracy. The disks change everything as pilots go head-to-head in battle to fight for the top spot in the sky!

Disk Launching Helicopter

The Saw Blade is capable of carrying a payload of 5-disks. Pilots can line up their targets utilizing the heli’s steady 4-directional control and prepare to fire. Choose between single or rapid-fire mode by pressing or holding down the “fire” button on the remote control. When fired, disks can reach a distance of up to 30 feet!

Innovative Remote Control

The Saw Blade’s remote control is loaded with innovative features. Pilots will find additional disk storage on the bottom of the controller enabling quick reloads and getting them back to the action faster. The cord management system allows Pilots to easily charge the Saw Blade and contain the charging cable while flying the heli. Intuitive controls make flying the Saw Blade a breeze, even for a new pilot.

Head-To-Head Battle

The Saw Blade is available in multiple frequencies allowing pilots to engage in head-to-head battle with zero interference. Unleash the fury of the Saw Blade to cut down your opponents and claim victory over the skies!

Saw Blade

Saw Blade

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