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Sky Stunt

Fly to the extreme with the sky-high action of the Air Hogs Sky Stunt! Stylized after agile racing planes the Sky Stunt performs gravity defying stunts with the push of a button. Perform insane loops, stalls, corkscrews and knife-edge turns. Featuring radio frequency communication for outdoors use, the remote control has a range up 300 feet!  Take to the skies with the all-new high performance Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane!

The Ultimate Outdoor Stunt Plane

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt is the ultimate outdoor R/C stunt plane! With the push of a button the Sky Stunt is able to perform incredible loops, stalls, corkscrews and knife-edge turns. The remote control has a communication range of 300ft making the Sky Stunt an outdoors adventure full of extreme stunts!

Perform Multiple Sky High Stunts

The Sky Stunt is stylized after agile racing planes to deliver top quality speed and control. The Remote Control is fitted with a single stunt button that works in correspondence to the pilot’s use of the directional controls. The Sky Stunt will perform huge loops, giant stalls, dizzying corkscrews or incredible knife-edge turns depending on how you steer the plane and press the stunt button.  It’s never been easier to feel the exhilaration of a Stunt Plane.

Easy To Fly

Pilots live to experience the thrill of stunt planes. The Air Hogs Sky Stunt delivers top speeds and insane stunts with simple and intuitive controls. Pilots will find the plane easy to control while witnessing the extreme performance that only the Sky Stunt can deliver.

Available in Multiple Colors & Frequencies

The Sky Stunt is available in 2 different colors and frequencies. This allows up to 2 planes to be flown in the same area with zero interference.   Take control of the Sky Stunt for the ultimate stunt pilot experience.

Sky Stunt

Sky Stunt

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